10 ways to celebrate little happiness of life- have a ball at home

Happiness never needs to be calculated or weighed in terms of money or other forms of materialistic things. It just asks for a gala and that too within your own budget. I have got many wonderful small moments in my life which got converted into big days just by adding a pinch of the latest dresses for women. An elegant dress up in ladies jeans and stylish jacket have made the moments unforgettable. Achieving all that was not easy alone, all thanks to Online shopping sites which were always there for me even 24*7.


It was the time of the early morning while I was discussing the same with my mother on the phone that how life has offered us various options for solemnization. From birthdays to marriage anniversaries, from job promotions to becoming graduates, every other reason has a cause to commemorate. But sometimes, it is really not easy for us to have the desired elated atmosphere to arrange the feast or go out to party hard. Personal situations and commitments prove a hindrance in the way of bash, but

Wholesale Korean Fashion Fish Toe Shoes

gfgznggfzjnmgIn days when winter is replaced by spring, how to wear is alternately allow you to highlight your sexy and cute temperament in not warm season? Of course the big love fish head shoes are essential! Below wholesale Korean fashion shoes shop koreanjapanclothing brings girls 2012 new recommended fish head shoes to let you bare your charm!

Platform fish head shoes made of mix of styles and materials can be described as ingenious it will be sexy and retro perfect combination together, that is full of female charm and show the lady’s temperament. Korean bow fish toe shoes, fish head, the very atmosphere ofEuropegarden design, heel hold up super large fashion gas field.

The red bow patent leather waterproof shoes, fish head, whether sweet retro or simple and elegant interpretation of it can be very perfect! Collision of the color of spring is strong, romantic lovers, and the habits of dress, of course coupled with beautiful splicing-colored high heels shoes, hit the color to show the color of the MM are whitening at a glance!

Fish head mixed colors

The Little Black Dress

hfvmhfm,hg,The black color, a standard bearing for this dress could make you look drab. So, ladies, make sure you choose your Little Black Dress carefully. This little dress can single handily impress that special some one while making you look classy and cutting-edge of the fashion. Lucky for you, the fashion designers are always introducing the new twists on this classic look. Fear not, you can always have a different one for different occasion.

We give you few pointers for choosing that perfect dress that will flatter your body shape ad be the perfect fit for the occasion. Pay attention to the four things when choosing your little black dress.

The Volume

The bubble skirt that appeared on the fashion scene in last decade found its way to the little black dress. It added the volume which at times could be unflattering to more curvy women. You may wish to stay away from the bubble-hem bottoms if you are more on the curvy side. Fashion designers have added more creative solutions recently. If you must go for the volume then look for pleats going outward towards the

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Fashion Stockings

mfhmhg,Stockings have been around for many many years however, it was only in the 20th century as the length of womens dresses became shorter did fashion stockings really come into popularity. Prior to this stockings were worn mainly for more practical reasons such as warmth.

Stockings were originally known as hose, which is where the term pantyhose coming from referring to tights. They can vary in colour and design and also transparency which is measured in denier. Stockings were a vital part of womens fashion due to the fact their skirts and dresses were becoming shorter but it was still not acceptable to show off any flesh. society still dictated that everything should be covered up.

However, trends have changed and stockings are now thought of as more of a fashion item worn through choice rather than necessity. Not only do they look good

How to make Career in Freelance Writing

The online writing career can be distinguished under many categories. A freelancer can write the articles under various categories depending upon the needs and the requirement. There is vast flexibility of time available for a freelancer to accomplish the task. The time management and commitment are two issues which a freelancer face, while writing an article. The online writing career can be differentiated under many classifications like the content writers, article writers, SEO writers, product up gradation writer business website writers, sports website writers, entertainment portal writers and freelance journalist and much more.


The art of writing and framing words with proper grammar and sentence structure is an important requirement for any article writer. Writing many freelance articles has become a developing online job opportunity in this world. The freelancer can also write an outsourced article through various service websites. The major hurdle in freelance writing is the lack of proper payment procedure and lack of credible online service provider, who helps them in assigning a job until getting paid. Most of the online writers are involved in article writing either out of interest

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza: a review by Autoportal.com

Maruti Suzuki, a joint venture between the Indian firm Maruti and the Japanese firm Suzuki, has been the mainstay of the Indian car market since the early 1980s. They have the biggest share in the automobile market of India, and the demand for Maruti Suzuki cars is only increasing by the day, which is the reason for so many new cars being introduced into the market. One such new car, about to be launched is the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

suzuki 8


This is a less than 4 meter long compact SUV from Maruti. Its most distinctive feature, seen from the sneak shots, seems to be the exquisite style of the front of the car. The air dam is surprisingly wide and the headlamps, on either side, have a frowning look, making it very aggressive. The bonnet is also very big, showing its muscular stance, yet there are subtle lines which are glazed on it, making it look matured. Another special feature of this SUV is that it has a dual-toned color scheme for the exteriors. The 16-inch alloy wheels are very contemporary looking and

Eco Friendly Clothing Is Really Eco Friendly or Not

Eco friendly is all about Sustainable fashion. It means to create such material which can be supported in terms of environmental visions and policies. These materials come from organic or natural sources after that they are upcycled and recycled. Many celebrate used to wear eco friendly clothes some of them are Natalie Portman and Gwyneth Paltrow endorse. Increase in demand entire companies committed to sustainable clothing.

The one thing that is not controversial that Evidently Eco Friendly Clothing is more Eco friendly than normal fashion. These clothing are not limited to special eco boutiques if you will research about these clothes you will be surprised to know that everyday brands have more eco friendly options. For example jeans maker Levi’s evolving Water less denim products. These products are delineated to use less water during the finishing process, meaning that they leave a lower impact on the sphere. Nobody is so beguile who thinks that Levi’s created this line because of the increasing cost of water and energy, but with simply a little research you can buy jeans that were made with a lower impact on the earth.

Absolutely, the most eco-friendly clothes are made from recycled, upcycled or reclaimed objects. When you

Stylish Women Footwear For Different Occasions

Many stylish individual find unique product for their all formal occasions. In order to fulfill their needs, some of the best online stores offer several facilities. These kinds of useful solutions surely bring your conservative look and more comfort. While speaking about wholesale women dress shoes, these are the perfect choice for women who want to appear more attractive. The amazing product includes excellent dressy shoes. These kinds of produce also include more flamboyance and style. The reputed wholesalers properly understand the several styles and demands of fashionable women. In order to meet their requirements, the reliable retailer offers you numerous products or accessories includes dress and shoes for women. The retailers also offer ample choice and opportunities to their valuable customers. The products are accessible in wide array of designs and styles. The high quality dress product includes covered front and low heels. The leather covered and pointed toes completes with faux leather or black suede. These are the suitable choices that include square and small heels.

Stylish Dress Shoes

These are the stunning additions that bring more comfort to the wearer. The majority of women prefer these kinds of stylish dress because these kinds of shoes properly match with trousers

What You Need To Know About Real Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are popular for people who want to transform their look by adding length and volume on their own fur. While there are available products in the market that can help speed up fur growth, an instant solution to get the fuller and longer look that you want is by adding fur extensions.

Real Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Fibers

Hair extensions can be made out of real human hair or synthetic fibers. Another reason is that synthetic extensions are hard to alter because the fibers will get damaged in the process. Real human fur on the other hand, can be washed and treated just like your own natural fur.

Both extensions are easy to attach and can save you time and money which may have otherwise been spent on a salon. Applying furextensions can be done perfectly on your own and several tutorials are available online. Extensions are usually attached to the fur with the use of clips or adhesive.

What to look for

It is very important to find a hair wigs that matches the colour and texture of your natural fur. Typically, if the fur extension feels dry, it is more likely to tangle easily. If you want to get a top

Street Movement In United Kingdom

While the street style regulars get tons of free gear so they can look cool in pictures, regular guys have to buy carefully in order to build a perfect wardrobe. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few style cues you can learn from well-dressed dudes. The trick is to do it properly. Get inspired, don’t copy.

Whether it’s investing in a pair of designer running sneakers, or how to nail denim on denim look, check out these cool tips to follow from street style in UK:

Print mixing in women’s fashion is on the verge of jumping the shark, but menswear takes a more targeted approach. Opt for an over-the-top blazer or printed bomber jacket, and then keep the rest of your outfit neutral, or take a more subtle outfit and let your accents do the mixing.

  1. Cool Camo

You might be sick of looking at it, but camo is here to stay. It’s a pattern that all guys can pull off, and with all of the variations on this classic military staple; it’s easier than ever to rock it well. If you want to take your style up a few levels, use camo like you would

The Benefits of Choosing a Vintage Style Dress

A vintage style dress can help you look fabulous at your upcoming event. In recent years, the vintage look has been made popular again by celebrities, who have taken to wearing vintage pieces on the red carpet at movie premieres and other occasions. However, both online and physical shops have made it simple for anyone to find vintage pieces that help them look stunning during any event on the social agenda. Even if you haven’t considered trying vintage apparel before, there are many advantages that make it a smart decision.

A Lasting Legacy

Today, many clothes are intended to last just a few years, before ultimately being discarded. On the contrary, a vintage style dress might be hand stitched from high quality fabrics. The result allows it to present options to multiple generations. Therefore, with the proper care, you can boost the resilience of vintage pieces, and look great as well.

Keep in mind that clothing sizes have changed through the years. However, even if your piece needs to undergo some alterations, these changes are usually readily achieved thanks to plentiful seam allowances, which make it very easy for a professional to perform the desired changes.

Sustainability Concerns

Now, more than ever, many people are

Comfort is cool as flat shoes cut it in the fashion stakes

When actress Emma Thompson walked shoeless on to the stage at the Golden Globes, she confirmed what the rest of us have known for a while. Comfy shoes make sense. Clutching her Christian Louboutin heels in one hand – and a martini in the other – she joked that their trademark red soles were stained with her blood. “I’ve taken my heels off as a feminist statement really, because why do we wear them? They’re so painful. And pointless, really.”

With brogues and ballet shoes filling the fashion pages and shops, financial investors have started to take notice. Comfortable shoe brand Hotter, which started life as a slipper manufacturer, has just changed hands for £200m, while the Griggs family, which owned the Dr Martens brand for 50 years, has sold up to private equity giant Permira for £300m.

Flat shoes are selling well on the high street, with more than three-fifths of women polled on their shoe shopping habits by Mintel confessing to having bought a pair in the past 12 months.

“Under-35s are willing to sacrifice fit for fashion,” said Mintel fashion analyst Tamara Sender. “By contrast, over-55s place the most importance on well-fitting shoes. Overall, three-quarters of consumers favoured fit over

How to Take the Perfect Accessories

You just scored those covetable Gucci loafers, and before they inevitably get scuffed, you want to capture them in all their glory with an accessories #selfie. You carve out a few minutes before dashing out the door, put your best foot forward and try out a few backbending angles. You feel like an absolute fool. The worst part? When you go through your camera roll, you realize that you do, in fact, look like an absolute fool.

So you wonder, “How do Instagram style stars do it?!” We took a closer look at some of the best accessories ‘grams out there and put together a comprehensive how-to for all the snaps you’ll ever want to take.

Calling all beginners: This is easiest picture of all. Simply stage your handbag and other extras on one side of the back seat of a car, sit back, swing your legs up, and gently rest your feet beside your other goodies. Writer and photographer Margaret Zhang (above) is a pro.

The Luggage ‘Gram

For a unique photo op (you know, not the kind when you have your friend take a pic of you pulling your luggage through the airport terminal), place your baggage in front of you, take two steps back, and fill in the empty space with a prop, like a passport, boarding pass or kickass

The Do Nots Of Purchasing Womens Jeans

A woman’s wardrobe without jeans really looks out of sync and boring. This garment is a complete must have in a woman’s collection. Some women find it a challenge when it comes to shopping for jeans. They go through the ordeal of trying on many pairs before they find the one that is perfect. And even then sometimes women have to go back home empty-handed because they didn’t manage to find a good fit. Many other times they just pick up and are forced to wear something that is nowhere close to a good fit. These days with the office environment getting a casual vibe, many women opt to wear jeans to their workplace as it is very comfortable. Finding a good pair becomes difficult when these common mistakes are committed.

Reading only the label

Concentrating on the label of the product rather than trying out to check for a good fit is a huge mistake. That said, the label is a good source of information telling you about the size, style and even if the jeans is straight or boot cut however this information varies from one manufacturer to the other. It is very common that you find you are a

Party Wear Gowns To Make A Fashion Statement

The party wear gowns are certainly the most popular western attire. If you love to wear western attires, then this outfit is surely the best to offer you awesome looks. You can wear this on a prom night, cocktail parties or even at evening parties.

The gowns are basically the long attires. These are certainly the best creation of the western designers. These are perfect to wear on the auspicious occasions. These are available in a plethora of designs and shades. The designers are crafting these in a specific range of patterns and shades in order to meet the diverse requirements of the buyers.

The fashion has influenced the designing pattern of these attires. Same is the case with the party wear gowns. The designers are using several mesmerizing color patterns in order to make their collections more appealing and charming. These are special outfits to wear at the party. So, wide range of colors is essentially very important.

Every party has a different fashion theme. In order to grab the attention of the crowd, it is mandatory to wear fashionable outfits that help you in standing out from the crowd. So, the designers are crafting their collections in the appealing color patterns.

The Different Styles Of Sandals To Make Your Own

Most of us love the high heels, but when reality sets in, it is necessary to have flats stocked up for everyday wear. The flat sandals are all the rage and they come in different forms. You could pick up covered sandals as well as strappy open toed ones. Indeed, with a focus on sandals for the last few years, there is more to look at and choose from among wholesale fashion shoes than ever before.

Open Toe Style

One of the quintessential styles for summer is the open toe sandals among wholesale sandals. These are favorites of every woman when it comes to summer wear. There are several styles to choose from when it comes to the open toe sandal forms. For instance, the strappy gladiator styles have made a comeback this year. It promises to be big for summer 2016. These sandals can be gotten in different styles. For instance, one can opt for ankle length strappy styles or the thigh high gladiator sandals. The other open toe sandal styles come in different forms like the slide forms, the flying saucer double strapped colorful sandals and so forth.

Ballerina Flats

With flat sandals being all the rage during most of the year

Top Fashion Tips to Cultivate Your Charisma

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to appear so radiant? Or how they exude an indescribable extra something that makes them magnetic? In this article I will share six easy ways to help you cultivate your own charismatic style and presentation by following simple yet timeless fashion tips.

1. Interview friends, family or colleagues who will give you an honest opinion or engage an image consultant to determine what colors & styles best suit you and are in harmony with your natural features like your skin tone, eye and hair color.

2. Colors A way to test if your colors are harmonious is to look into a mirror in natural daylight while holding a piece of clothing/fabric next to your eyes or directly underneath your chin. Notice which stands out more the color or your features.

Colors that are right put the focus on you and not the garment. For example if you have ocean blue eyes, wearing the same or complimentary blue color will make your eyes stand out and people may comment about how well you look.

A color that is wrong often makes you look dull, drains your energy, can be repulsive to you or may even

Urban Wholesale Clothing

The frill are strong and thick furthermore the baseball top worn sideways and tennis shoes finish the look.

Long chains that practically anything the government are the standard than the special case. There are an assortment of merchants that auction urban wear such in expenses to profit in the boisterously these garments at a deal cost. Where are they minimal effort drive? A few producers dispatch their garments at exchange fairs and displays the nation over, while taking into account a more extensive client base, and seized products in like manner. They introduce their garments on-line for anybody to test the them.

In the event that you are intrigued, they will ceaselessly submit and request and have it conveyed to your front entryway or on the other hand purchase the garments if the maker is your city. Most producers of such urban wear shops have their just on-line and just a unique workshop on the planet.


This secures rich in costs, for example, rent, utilities, representatives, and so on., and these investment funds are gone on to clients.

Numerous such pioneers have figured out how to create and keep up a steadfast client base for

Dress Yourself According To Your Body Shape

An outfit, that makes you look snappy and in vogue is the thing that fashion is actually about! When you have a fundamental knowing of what your body sort is and what compliments it the most, you will never have a come up short minute failure in life!

Today popular garments complimenting every body type are promptly accessible and you should only have to tune your senses in understanding. Today most designers likewise make garments that are redone or resize according to a particular body sort.

Getting dressed is a ton simpler when you realize what pieces work best for your shape. Pay consideration on your bends. Take a gander at how they unite your bust, waist, and hips. There are essentially four sorts of body shape:

  1. Apple Body
  2. Pear Body
  3. Straight/Rectangualr Body
  4. Hourglass Body

Presently get aware about, in what manner would you be able to spruce up flawlessly which compliments you the most, any moment:

1. What to wear when you have an apple shape body, Well you have to direct consideration away from your mid riff, and wear garments to highlight different parts.

Pick flared pants over straight-leg or thin jeans.

Wear bottoms just underneath your hipbone.

Keep away from dresses and belts that squeeze at your waist.